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Cessna 172 Fleet

1979 172N – 32D

This is the 172 that started JAV Imagery. 32D spent the bulk of its life in Bethel, Alaska. JAV’s first season 32D completed capture an entire fleet of twins was unable to fly. It’s second season was an adventure down Alaska’s Lost Coast to Juneau and back. In fall of 2016 Steph ferried 32D to Washington to kick off its L48 flying life. Under JAV’s care, this plane has been upgraded with Garmin G5’s, a GNX375 GPS navigator / ADS-B In-Out transponder, a second comm and a fuel flow meter. JAV also ungraded the engine to a 180hp Lycoming and installed Flint Tip tanks significantly extending 32D’s flight endurance.

1979 172N – 99D

99D came to us from Kansas where it’d been sitting for a long time in a quiet hangar. Steph and Josh ferried it to Washington in 2016 for its camera mods and it’s become one of EagleView’s favorite aircraft. The combination of long range tanks, a 160hp engine, and excellent pilots have made 99D one of the most efficient in the EagleView fleet. Under JAV’s ownership, 99D has been complimented with a Lycoming O-320-D2J, a fuel flow meter, and full Garmin suite of G5’s, a GTN650, backup comm radio and an ADS-B In/Out transponder.

1979 172N – 28F

JAV found 28F living a storied life in the Pacific Northwest flying primarily from the mainland north of Seattle to the San Juan Islands and back for a fisheries oriented technology company. It sports long range tanks and had been upgraded with 180hp engine. As part of JAV’s fleet, 28F has been complimented with a fuel flow meter and full Garmin suite of twin G5’s, a GTN650, second comm radio and an ADS-B In/Out transponder.

1982 172P – 112

112 spent time in Alaska and Utah before JAV found it in St. George. This P model came with 180hp engine and long range tanks. JAV has installed a fuel flow meter and full Garmin suite of twin G5’s, a GTN650, second comm radio and an ADS-B In/Out transponder.

1979 172N – 17E

17E was picked up from Florida where it had a mere 2100hrs total time. JAV has upgraded the engine to a 180ph Lycoming as well as increased the gross weight under the AirPlains STC. 17E also received panel upgrade from its original Cessna stack to a full Garmin package: GTN650xi, Garmin comm, G5’s, an ADS-B In/Out transponder, and fuel flow meter. With its long range tanks, 17E is a top performing imagery platform.

1978 172N – 8WY

Another Alaska acquisition, 8WY was in service with a remote Alaska school district where it picked up children from village airstrips on the Kuskokwim river and brought them to class in Aniak. Equipped with bushwheels and a 180hp engine it was quite the school bus. JAV has renovated this plane by removing the bushwheels and Atlee Dodge seats then installing a fully certified Dynon SkyView avionics system with a GNS430W navigator. JAV also installed Flint Tip Tanks providing over 60 gallons of usable fuel.

1978 172N – 9FU

9FU also came to JAV in Alaska. It was living a modest existence with a private owner in Anchorage. As with 8WY, JAV installed a fully certified Dynon SkyView avionics system with a GNS430W navigator and Flint Tip Tanks providing over 60 gallons of usable fuel.

1986 172P – 72L

Alaska continues to produce! This clean 172P came out of private ownership, flying back and forth to a western Alaska fishing operation, and into JAV’s fleet. Purchased with a low airframe total time, long range tanks, an AirPlains 180hp upgrade and solid radio IFR capabilities 72L is a welcome addition to JAV’s aircraft family. We’ve since upgraded the panel with a Garmin GNX375 Nav/Transponder, two GI275s, and a fuel flow meter

1981 172P – 38C

38C was acquired from the CAP, who of course spared no expense when it came to maintaining the aircraft. In fact, it’s one of the cleanest planes we’ve ever come across! 38C came equipped with a 180hp Lycoming engine, Garmin 625, ADS-B In/Out, and a suite of digital radios. JAV has complimented the plane with a fuel flow meter and absorbed it into our fleet.

1978 172N – 7VP

We’re not even sure what to say about 9VP… its possibly the finest 172 we’ve seen in the flesh. Arriving at our facility with 2600tt, new paint, a 180ph engine, tip tanks, fuel flow meter, Garmin avionics, and a luxurious interior JAV didn’t need to lift a finger adding this plane to our fleet. We’re looking forward to spending time in the air behind 9VP’s custom yokes!

Piper Aztec Fleet

In addition to the 172 fleet, JAV also currently operates 16 Piper Aztecs. The Aztec fleet are ‘E’ and ‘F’ models, both turbo and non-turbo engines. The Aztec fleet has a wide range of avionics packages and all planes are ADS-B compliant.

1977 PA-23-250F Turbo – 2QW

1975 PA-23-250E Turbo – 7JE

1974 PA-23-250E Turbo – 245

1976 PA-23-250E Turbo – 494

1979 PA-23-250F Non-Turbo – 23M

1979 PA-23-250E Non-Turbo – 0TD

1975 PA-23-250E Non-Turbo – 810

1979 PA-23-250E Turbo – 44A

1981 PA-23-250F Non-Turbo – 2WW

1976 PA-23-250F Non-Turbo – 15Y

1974 PA-23-250E Turbo – 240

1977 PA-23-250F Turbo – 836

1979 PA-23-250F Turbo – 2JT

1980 PA-23-250F Non-Turbo – 7EC


1949 Cessna 195

53A is the JAV Maintenance Manager chase plane. This classic spent the majority of its life in the desert Southwest, which of, course wonderfully preserved its airframe. JAV found this plane hiding in a hangar just up the road from St. George. It’d not been started in 11 years and after a bit of love from our Maintenance Manager, it fired right up! 53A flies straight as an arrow and requires an experienced tailwheel pilot’s stable approach to land without hop…or a ground loop.

1950 Piper PA-20

The first plane to become part of our fleet in 2011. This is an original tailwheel Pacer with a beefed-up main gear, Alaska Bushwheel tailwheel, 150hp engine and a borer climb prop. The Pacer has lived in Kotzebue, Wasilla and Juneau. It currently resides at Merrill Field and takes Steph, Josh, their new daughter Hannah and their dog Tucker on adventures throughout Alaska.


1974 Rockwell Aero Commander 500S

Its JAV’s privilege to operate this Ted Smith designed classic. 5AA is utilized by our Operations and Maintenance Managers to keep our remote aircraft running safely and efficiently. For those those long cross country flights JAV upgraded the fuel system with Merlyn tanks adding nearly 100gals of fuel. We’ve also installed an EDM-790 engine twin monitor and an ADS-B In/Out transponder. Although we’re not Bob Hoover, 5AA certainly brings a true sense of aviation to JAV’s operations.

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